Photo Credit:  Jim Palmeri, Currituck Sound, North Carolina When you think of stillness, what comes to mind?  Quiet? Darkness?  Or do you identify with the official definition of  "the absence of movement or sound"? All of these are correct.  But stillness is so much more. Stillness helps us do the following: Think more clearly See … Continue reading Stillness

Regret: Time to Re-Frame My Thoughts

re·gret: verb - To feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity) Today, I woke up with a lot of regrets.  In fact, my sleep has been shit these last few weeks as I am clearly holding onto some things that I should just let … Continue reading Regret: Time to Re-Frame My Thoughts

Small Steps = Big Victories

May 2019.  Four months down.  I could dwell on the things I have not done.  There are plenty.  For goal to write to this blog weekly hasn't materialized with work obligations and other obstacles.   I haven't picked up my guitar since January.  My daily yoga has turned into "hopefully" 1x per week.  My weight … Continue reading Small Steps = Big Victories

My First (but definitely not last) Wanderlust Experience

Aww Wanderlust....the impulse or desire to travel or wander.  In the case of the Wanderlust Festivals the mission is to help you find your true north in order to cultivate your best self. I have watched on the sidelines for a few years but never attended.  And why that was - I have no clue … Continue reading My First (but definitely not last) Wanderlust Experience

How to be the DJ of your own Life

I was a DJ during college.  I had the Tuesday night 7pm-10pm classic rock gig.  This was in the early 80s - so at that time classic rock was really anything before 1975.   And while I played many well know groups (Allman Brothers,  Grateful Dead, Yes, The Who, Zeppelin, etc.) - I followed in the … Continue reading How to be the DJ of your own Life

10 Tips for a More Mindful & Healthful 2019

Forget the resolutions. Try one or more of these tips to make your life healthier and happier in the New year. We all know the drill. I'm going to start this...I'm going to lose that....I'm going to do this..I'm going to do that...and we start off great and highly motivated and then life gets in … Continue reading 10 Tips for a More Mindful & Healthful 2019