The Easiest, Best Tasting Protein Bites

Courtesy of POWER HUNGRY™ Looking for some quick energy pre- or post-class?  Try these easy to make Protein Truffles.  Easy and fast to make - the ability to customize these to any taste is one of their true appeals.  Change the flavors, the spices, the nut butter, etc. to have an endless number of options.Ingredients … Continue reading The Easiest, Best Tasting Protein Bites

My Macro Counting Journey

I started my macro counting journey back in 2017 through the help of Stronger U. After 4 surgeries (3 female related and one rotator cuff) my weight had slowly crept up in 2016 as the intensity and frequency of my workouts declined.  Even though I was a fitness instructor - I was out for recovery … Continue reading My Macro Counting Journey