Small Steps = Big Victories

May 2019.  Four months down.  I could dwell on the things I have not done.  There are plenty.  For goal to write to this blog weekly hasn't materialized with work obligations and other obstacles.   I haven't picked up my guitar since January.  My daily yoga has turned into "hopefully" 1x per week.  My weight … Continue reading Small Steps = Big Victories

How to be the DJ of your own Life

I was a DJ during college.  I had the Tuesday night 7pm-10pm classic rock gig.  This was in the early 80s - so at that time classic rock was really anything before 1975.   And while I played many well know groups (Allman Brothers,  Grateful Dead, Yes, The Who, Zeppelin, etc.) - I followed in the … Continue reading How to be the DJ of your own Life