Small Steps = Big Victories


May 2019.  Four months down.  I could dwell on the things I have not done.  There are plenty.  For instance…my goal to write to this blog weekly hasn’t materialized with work obligations and other obstacles.   I haven’t picked up my guitar since January.  My daily yoga has turned into “hopefully” 1x per week.  My weight hasn’t been where I would like it to be.  I owe my clients some reports…and I  could go on and on and on.

But I’ve decided to focus on the small victories that I have managed to do.  These include – studying for my health coach exam.  Registering for my Precision Nutrition Certification and IDEA World Live.  I registered my new company, had a logo created, refined my business plan and am getting some swag made.

I ‘ve stayed consistent with my weight lifting and am seeing the changes both physically and mentally.  In general my diet has been good, but my hormone fluctuations as I head into the big “M” are definitely having some impact.  So I am mentally trying to not focus on the scale and look towards how my clothes fit and how I feel.

My sleeping has improved.  I am almost (if not 100%) healed from my surgery in November.  I’ve scheduled a handful of nice vacations.

But here is where I want to focus.  I’ve awakened from my sleep every morning.  My family including my 84 year old parents are still healthy.  I get to exercise..every day.  I’ve seen some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets that I can remember this year.  I’ve gotten to travel to Europe, Asia, Hawaii and the west coast already.  I started my second company and will likely start a 3rd in 2020.

SO all in all.  I would say things are moving along.  moving forward.  Have I been able to grow my Instagram following?  No.  Do I really care?  No.

Instead of focusing on things I really can’t control,  I’m controlling the things I can.  It is these small steps that are adding up to larger victories and I could not be happier.  Why? Because I actually took the steps.  I started.

New day.  New Month.  New Opportunities.  Just start.  Whatever it is.  Just start.

Live. Love. Laugh. Grow.

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