My First (but definitely not last) Wanderlust Experience


Aww Wanderlust….the impulse or desire to travel or wander.  In the case of the Wanderlust Festivals the mission is to help you find your true north in order to cultivate your best self.

I have watched on the sidelines for a few years but never attended.  And why that was – I have no clue –  because I have clearly shortchanged myself and my personal growth over the years by not participating in this event.

The Wanderlust events are based on five pillars:

  • Promoting Practice.
  • Fostering Community.
  • Acting Sustainably.
  • Doing Good.
  • Raising Awareness.

Of course, if you are like me you think of this event as a big Yoga festival – and for a large part it is – but this novice Yogi can tell you that I had no idea how many facets to the practice there actually are. Beyond the ability to experience the wide variety of yoga types such as AIReal Yoga, Breathwork, Yin Restorative, Yoga Nindra, Vinyasa, Kundalini  etc, is also the opportunity to hike, run, do some HiTT workouts, try Stand Up Paddleboarding, Hula Hoop to participating in Eco-Awareness programs, Beach Cleanups, Ayurveda and Holistic Living session – all kind of Meditation options and SO. MUCH. MORE.

In fact, you don’t even have to take one single Yoga class if you don’t want to.  There are more than enough activities to fill a day, 2-days, 3-days or even 4-days without stepping on a mat.  But you should, and experience all the different ways you can incorporate yoga and mediation into your daily life.


I attended Wanderlust O’ahu at the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort at the end of February 2019.  Nestled on the North Shore and secluded to its own (very) large property – you felt like you were on a different planet.  From inspiring sunrises to enchanting sunsets – just being present to witness this daily wonder was almost sufficient.

I have been struggling with what I want to do and how for the past few years so I decided I would go to this event…alone.  While the location was definitely an incentive from the dreary, cold and wet East Coast – the line up of presenters and the variety of classes definitely peaked my interest.  I mean, who would not want to spend a day with the fabulous Elizabeth Gilbert?  Or Eion Finn of Blissology? Or Tracee Stanley or the incredible Schuyler Grant?  And so, so many more!

This year Wanderlust offered what is known as the Passport – for a single fee you are able to attend as many Wanderlust events as you want and can book unlimited activities at each event (for reference, the standard Wanderlust ticket lets you book 3 classes each day).  But perhaps the best part, is that the Passport includes immersions – these are typically one day experiences that precede the actual festival.

So if you go to more than one event – or if you are interested in a 3-day festival + an immersion – the passport more than pays for itself…check it out at this link and don’t let this opportunity pass you by next year!

I took part in a pre-festival immersion with Elizabeth Gilbert.  The Big Magic Creativity and Courage immersion explored the 6 major necessary emotional components of living a creative life: Fear, Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence and Trust.

Part of this workshop was a  writing exercises where — in letter form (letters to and from parts of themselves) — in order to explore our creative dreams and obstacles.  In was enlightening, humbling, exciting, scary, emotional, but most of all – a fulfilling day.  Liz was one of the most dynamic speakers I have seen in a long time.

The 3 days that followed were full of music, yoga, meditation, fun and new friends. I loved the vibe of this event.  Days filled with activities, while the nights are filled with music and friendship.

Although there were a handful of “influencers” who found the need to document things rather than participating (their loss, IMO!)  the majority of the people at this event could not have been more normal and down to earth.  More importantly, I appreciated the approach-ability of the presenters – there was nothing pretentious going on here!

One of my unexpectedly favorite presenters was MC Yogi –  i never thought doing yoga to rap music would work but it totally does, and he was just an overall inspirational presenter.

But in general, I had no real favorite thing or person or class – because they were all so different and all so fabulous.

I mean let’s be real – doing yoga with the ocean behind you is nothing short of spectacular… I am totally going for my Yoga certification somewhere with a beach nearby (hello Bali!).

My only regret regarding Wanderlust is not doing this 5 years ago when I first learned of the event.  But you can be guaranteed this was not my only one – it is just the first in a long line of Wanderlust relationships I hope to have during this year and beyond.

Thank you to all the volunteers, vendors, musicians, presenters, and organizers.




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