My Road Warrior Workout – at least one of them!


I travel a lot for my job and much of my travel is international.  While this might sound fantastic (and there are definitely elements that are) – my time from take off to arrival back home is often at the mercy of others.

For instance,  I go to China every year for a conference.  It takes me 2 days of travel for 2 days of conference.  That’s 24-26 hours of flying, then a 2 hour ride over the border and the same in reverse. Needless to say – jet lag plays a huge role in my trips so my #1 goal is to try and lessen its effects.

If I am lucky enough to be somewhere where I can get out and easily walk – that is what I do, but that is not always the case and as a female traveling alone – sometimes it is also not the safest option – particularly if its dark outside and I am unfamiliar with the area.

Additionally, I often have no idea what type of fitness center will be available at the hotel nor its hours.  For instance in Europe – many of them are not open until 7am and close by 6pm – which most definitely does not work with my day.

So I make the best of things – which typically means a quick workout in my room.  And hopefully I have enough room to move around – which, trust me on this, is not always the case.

Hence, here is an example of one of my road warrior workouts.  No equipment necessary and assumes limited room space.  ( i typically do this is the small hallway in front of the door!)

All you need is you and perhaps a timer on your phone.

I find that doing tabata drills (20s on/10s rest x 8) work particularly well.  The goal is to work at a fairly high intensity (Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is usually 6+ on a scale of 10).  And you can do anything for your drill.  A few examples are below:

  • Burpees
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Push Ups
  • Sprinting (or marching) in place
  • Speed Skaters
  • Plank Jacks
  • Speed Squats
  • Lunges (static (AKA split squat), front, rear, side)
  • Roman Dead lifts

You can also use that 20/10 interval for core work.  Planks (Front, Side, Pledge, T-Rotation, etc.),  bird-dogs, bicycles, Russian twists etc.

Another option is the count down.  Start at 10 of each exercise and work your way down to 1.  A good combo are burpees (or squat thrusts) followed by push-ups.   Or Squats and Push-ups.

Here is a good article with video on all the different ways to do a burpee.

They key is to get your heart pumping.  Try for 20 minutes – each round is 4 minutes with 2 minutes rest.  Try for 3 rounds and if you are really aggressive go for 4.  But if done correctly – you should be feeling like you’ve had an adequate work out after 3.

Make sure to do a simple warm-up before you start – with some easy breathing exercises and some functional movements to get your body prepared.

If you are able to carry some bands with you – that will open up even more possibilities.  We’ll talk about that one in another blog.

In the meantime.  Just Keep Moving.

Live, Love. Laugh, Grow.


Photo Credit:  Tina Leu Fotos

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