When the scale plays tricks on you during the holiday’s – it’s time to take a step back and remember that this is likely just a temporary situation that will right itself when you get back to normal habits.

I like to call it the Holiday mind “F**K”. When you’ve indulged a bit too much over the holidays and the scale goes to places you haven’t seen in a while. You ask “Is something wrong with my scale?”. In my case, I’ve seen my scale jump nearly 5 pounds in a 7 day period. And I am 100% sure that I have not eaten an extra 17,500 calories over this time.

The reality is I’ve eaten differently than I normally do. I’ve eaten out a bit more than normal. I’ve had some snacks (cookies, cheese balls, fudge, etc.) that I don’t normally eat. I’m probably not drinking enough water. I’m eating foods that are higher in sodium and I am feeling a bit more bloated than normal. And I know that my sleep cycle has been a bit off – caused by the stress of knowing I have 1,000 things to do and little to no time to do them.

However, I am still trying to get my workouts in and I am not “going off the rails” at every meal. And my clothes seem to fit just fine.

But all of these little changes from my day to day way of eating are having an impact. And my body has decided that it doesn’t like this new way of eating. Even though I might have planned for some bigger meals – I don’t normally eat 4 courses. And eating in a restaurant versus at home, I know that I am not drinking anywhere near as much water as I normally do. I’m also eating at different times than I normal do. So in the end – these little changes from my daily routine are adding up.

But even though I wanted to tell the scale to F**K OFF today (which I did BTW after I gave it the finger) I try to remember one important thing:

How you eat between New Year’s and Christmas is way more important than how you eat between Christmas and New Year’s

In other words – how you choose to eat for 51 weeks versus 1 week is what really counts.

If you’ve been eating well most of the year – then these few days where the scale is not cooperating is simply a speed bump and things should normalize within a few days.

And chances your scale is perfectly fine.

Live. Love. Laugh. Grow.

Thanks for reading!

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